ways to reduce food waste

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1. Buy only what you need: Plan ahead, make a shopping list and be realistic about how
much you need.
2. Keep food fresh: Learn how to store foods to keep them fresh and good as long as
3. Save Leftovers: Many people tend to save excess food from large meals which, however,
is often forgotten and then tossed when it goes rotten. Therefore, when you cook a lot and
have leftovers, you should designate a day to utilize the accumulated food in the fridge.
Not to mention, it saves you time and money!
4. Eat what you buy: use what spoils first, know what you have on your hand and most
importantly don’t prepare too much
5. Donate to food banks and shelters: If you have dried or canned food that you won;t use
take them to a food bank or shelter
There are other good ways you can find to reduce and reuse your food leftovers.
But following the above practices will not only help you waste less food, but also save you
money and time.

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