The best storage temperature to keep fresh fruits and vegetables

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Different fruits and vegetables should be stored in different ways. Crops that require different
storage conditions will need three different storage facilities.
● cool (40-50°F), moist storage
● cold (32-39°F), dry storage
● warm (50-60°F), dry storage
They are best stored in the crisper section of your refrigerator. This section consists of the drawer
or drawers located at the bottom of most refrigerators. If possible, store vegetables at the
temperature and humidity where they do best.
Produce that does best in cold, moist storage includes:
● apples
● broccoli
● carrots
● Lettuce
● Strawberry
● Apricots
Produce that does best in cold, dry storage includes:
● garlic
● onions
Produce that does best in warm, dry conditions includes:
● hot peppers
● pumpkins
● sweet potatoes
For safety reasons, you should refrigerate or freeze any fruit or vegetable that’s been washed and

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