Here are some quick tips to help with a smooth import operations:

1. Examinations can be performed by any of the departments involved in importation.
2. A shipment can be examined, even if previously accepted by Customs.
3. Hiring a customs broker enables you to access years of knowledge, experience and
expertise in declaring your goods to Customs.
4. Government forms can be confusing to complete. Save yourself time and read the
instruction sheet before filling the form to ensure that it is completed correctly.
5. Research suppliers: Compare and contrast as many suppliers as possible. It’s important
to understand whom you are dealing with. Is it the actual manufacturer or a trading
6. . Local relationships are key: The process of importing goods does not always go
smoothly. The chances are that you won’t be around when a problem occurs. For this
reason it can be important to have a relationship with a party aside from your supplier.
7. Is there a local market for the goods you want to import? You’ll need to make sure there
is enough demand in your local market before you start to import goods for resale.
Identify your potential target customers and conduct a survey to get a feel for whether
importing will be profitable.
8. Are you legally able to import these items? Before you spend time, effort, or money on
further research, you should make sure you’re allowed to import the goods you plan to
bring into the country