How important is the sanitization of fruits and vegetables

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It is important to wash all fruit and vegetables before you eat them to ensure they are clean and
safe to eat.
Washing will help remove bacteria from the surface of fruit and vegetables.
Most of the bacteria will be in the soil attached to the produce. Washing to remove any soil is,
therefore, particularly important.
When you wash vegetables, wash them under a running tap and rub them under water, for
example in a bowl of fresh water.
● give your fruits and vegetables a dip in mild warm water and rinse them to minimize
any bacteria.
● store sanitized products in a cool environment such as a fridge to prevent any bacterial
growth. Store ready-to-eat products, sanitized and away from raw items in the fridge
● wash ready-to-serve fruit and vegetables on the day you are planning on consuming them.
● use cleaned and safe chopping boards or workspaces to prevent any cross-contamination.

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